Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shoei helmets

Motorcycle apparel is a broad term that encompasses different accessories like helmets, clothes, chaps, boots and eye wear. It is imperative that you choose the best of each accessory in terms of both quality as well as practical use so that it serves its purpose. Helmets are extremely important head gear and the most popular brands available are Bell helmets, Shoei helmets, Zeus and the like. The common understanding is that helmets are very boring and tasteless, but the reality is that some brands like Bell helmets and Shoei helmets produce a wide array of stylish helmets with graphics and symbols, which make a statement to the world. However, whether you choose a stylish one or a plain one, it is important to ensure that it fits well and is well padded, and good examples of which are Bell helmets, Zeus, Shoei helmets etc.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Motocross Helmets

Motocross is one of the most fun and exhilarating sports on the planet, but it can be one of the most dangerous too, if you don't have the right motocross gear. The number one most important piece of Motocross gear you will ever own is your helmet. Find out how your safety can be affected by your Motocross helmets, and why it's essential to find the correct fit. Full-face helmets completely cover your head and offer the maximum protection, but may seem bulky when riding. The open-face helmet protects around the top and sides of your head, with protection down to your neck line in the back, but it does not protect your chin. Your Motocross helmets should fit snugly, but shouldn't be uncomfortably tight. Because your helmet will loosen up a bit as the liner compresses with use, your new motocross helmets should be as tight as possible when you buy it. Your helmet should sit squarely on your head (not tilted back like a hat), and the cheek pads should touch your cheeks comfortably. There should be no gaps between your temples and the brow pads, and on full-face helmets the face shield shouldn't touch your nose or chin when you press on the chin piece.

Remember these fit tips when shopping and you can significantly reduce your chances of injury while riding.

Motocross Boots

Motocross boots are extremely important. Whether they are full sized, or only up to the ankle area, they offer support and protection, which reduces the risk of a serious injury when riding. The Oneal Shorty boots are designed for the situations when a full size motocross boot just simply would not be a feasible option. Of course, this would be situations like playing around of both mini ATV's or even the likes of mini bikes.

Various websites like offer a fantastic collection of fine Motocross boots designed for men as well as women. In the men's collection of Motocross boots, one can get interesting designs and styles to select from such as Nomad, Response, Solution as well as Vintage but these are only available in one colour- black.

All these Motocross boots have lightweight designs and a thick rubber sole which makes them last for years. And in their women's collection of Motocross boots, one can avail stunning range of black coloured boots that are not only elegant and chic looking, but also provide full protection.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Motocross Accessories

The term 'Motocross' has actually originated from two separate words, that is, motorcycle and cross country. This sport involves immense stamina, applying not only to the bike rider but also for his bike. Both the rider as well as his bike should be in impeccable tuning to succeed in this sport and to ensure their safely. For this, it is vital to have appropriate Motocross accessories and gears.

A bike rider's protection mainly depends on the class of the gear he is togged up in. Any minute anomaly in any of these parts is sufficient to cause an accident and thus puts the rider's life at risk. So, a motocross rider can't allow any compromises on such essentials.

The accessories and gears that are involved in motocross vary a lot. They not only satisfy the function of protection but are also a symbol of the rider. The style that these impart to the rider helps the bikers to be spotted in the crowd or even set a trend among the masses. Moreover, spectators get to see their favourite rider in action.

Motocross Goggles

Motocross goggles protect your eyes and face from dirt, dust, bugs and any other sort of flying debris, and help keep sweat from dripping into your eyes while you are riding. With the right motocross goggles you can eliminate glare, fog, rain, haze, mud or wind, and successfully keep your eyes on the prize.

Motocross clothing | Motocross Gears

Motocross offers a wide range of accessories and gears for the riders. These gears are not only protective in nature but are also stylish, which makes it easier for spectators to spot their favourite rider in action.

The riders can take a pick from a vast range of Motocross clothing, helmets, gloves, jackets, pants, boots, motocross gears and, many more accessories. These accessories are essential for a rider as they protect the rider from serious injuries, scraps and cuts that are a part and parcel of this rugged sport.

Moreover, these gears are highly fashionable and make a cool statement. Dirt biking is all about style! These accessories and gears have designs and patterns that make a rider visible during the race.

Motocross Accessories

Tips on Buying Quality Motocross Accessories

Motocross accessories are very important for a motocross rider. They are the safeguards of a rider. This sport is full of thrill and adventure and is risky and unsafe as well, as riders ride off the roads. So, the riders need special kind of gear to protect themselves and keep safe from any kind of harm.

Here are some tips to help you in buying quality gear:

  1. Helmet is a very important part of accessories of motocross, so never buy a used helmet. Always go for a new and fresh motocross helmets, as it is the main protector of your head. Helmet comes in different size and of different materials. So, buy the one which fits your head properly and you feel comfortable in it. Never buy a very loose or a very tight helmet, but the one which fits your head properly. Never buy a heavy helmet, because you are going to wear it for long rides, so it should be light in weight.
  2. Goggles are the one which protect your eyes from wind dust and debris along with providing clear vision. So, whenever you buy goggles for you, buy the one through which you can clearly see and which fit your eyes.
  3. Combo pants are made with special protect layers in them. They not only protect your legs but also give you smart look. Pants come in different colours and designs, but if you want to impress your fans, then buy the one which are fit to you and are also unique in colour and design.
  4. Jersey is the most stylish outfit and riders use it for their safety as well as to flaunt their style. They also come in different colours and designs, so buy the ones which are in fashion.
  5. Whatever accessory you buy, always go for quality products. You can see special hall marks and tags on your accessories. Never compromise quality over the price, as the accessories you are going to buy are for your safety as well as style.